2022: That’s a wrap!

As we approach the new year it’s good to look back and remember what you’ve achieved and how you’ve progressed over the last 12 months. We decided what better way to close the year than to look back and celebrate some of our team’s successes. Our (quarter) Centurions! Firstly, we wouldn’t be John Horsfall without […]

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finnair new business class

Finnair’s Innovative Multi-Cabin Re-Design

Over the last couple of months we have seen a lot on the launch of the Finnair new Business Class & Premium Economy cabins across their long-haul fleet. Many articles in the press, a lot of positive comments from industry colleagues and even an award! This detailed redesign process began over four years ago. Ensuring […]

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Design Trends for Post-Covid Cabins

To celebrate National Creativity Day the John Horsfall design team are sharing the key emerging design trends. As textile experts we take inspiration from a wide variety of sources, and translate them into fabrics and products perfectly tailored to the international airline industry. This can be design influence from local & global aviation trends, the […]

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World Sleep Day

To celebrate World Sleep Day, held on March 19th this year, the team at John Horsfall have brought together some ideas on how to improve sleep and promote wellbeing. Our products will enhance your comfort when travelling and are specifically designed to promote good sleep on board any flight. But first – this years’ World […]

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Change is in the Air

Now that 2021 has finally arrived (and yes, we are in mid-February already) there is a palpable change in the air. Global distribution of vaccines and plans for the gradual easing of restrictions in social distancing and people movement have given a sense of hope around the world In many parts of the world there […]

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photo of a woven airline blanket with the caption 'How old am I?'

Lessons in Longevity

At John Horsfall we say that we want our customers’ customers to feel at home every time they travel with one of our products, but designing blankets for airlines is quite different to designing for home interiors. As airline textile experts we have to consider not just the colour, pattern & feel of the fabric, […]

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Safe to Take-Off – As Always

Aviation has been a source of enjoyment for many years, taking people far and wide and onto further adventures. But Covid-19 has inevitably inflated concerns about the safety of flying, with scrutiny of on-board hygiene at an all-time high – So, is air travel safe? Well, in recent weeks Airlines & Industry bodies have been […]

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