Quality Policy

Quality is the discipline central to all aspects of the Company’s structure, operation and future prosperity. It is the dominant influence on the supply of our services. This important fact must be understood and practiced throughout the Company.

As a consequence of this belief, the John Horsfall & Sons Ltd. Management Team has made a commitment to focus attention upon a continuous process of managed company wide quality improvement through the establishment and monitoring of relevant quality objectives.

It is the established policy of John Horsfall & Sons Ltd. to provide to its customer’s services that are carried out in accordance with stated methods and the clients agreed requirements and to operate to good professional practices.

Quality is the responsibility of all personnel within the Company and this ensures customer satisfaction by supplying services that meet the highest standards of performance, quality and reliability.

To demonstrate its commitment to quality, John Horsfall & Sons Ltd. has adopted quality management standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015. Adherence to this policy involves every aspect of the Company’s business and all of its employees. The purpose of the Quality Assurance System Manual is to show how this policy is to be put into effect, to give instruction and guidance to employees whose actions can affect the quality of service and to provide an overview of the quality endeavour within the Company.

Policy last updated 31 August 2023