Eco-Friendly Innovations

John Horsfall’s eco-friendly products & innovations are featured in an article by Onboard Hospitality magazine

Eco-Friendly Innovations

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If you subscribe to Onboard Hospitality, this month you’ll read a bit about the new eco-friendly production measures adopted by John Horsfall. The magazine investigated innovative airline supply companies who are developing more eco-friendly products.

Positive partners: Eco-friendly products

Product designers and textile engineers are turning their attention to packaging-free and added-value design detail to ensure onboard textiles have a longer life and don’t end up in landfill sites.

While eco-blankets made from recycled plastic bottles may seem a solution, the company highlights the fact that these fleece fabrics,while cosy and serviceable, do shed microfibres into the water supply. Not quite an eco-friendly product, after all.

The team favours woven fabrics with a higher spun yarn that doesn’t shed and can enhance the passenger experience too.

New team developing eco-friendly products


This month’s magazine also features Michael & James from the Horsfall team, who both joined the company earlier this year.

Source: Onboard Hospitality Magazine Issue 81, BMI Publishing

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