Dedicated to quality management

Achieving 20 years of continual certification is a team effort. We all feel proud of our commitment to quality.

Dedicated to Quality Management – Two Decades On

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Last month brought ‘ISO’ auditors to our UK HQ for their annual visit and we passed with flying colours, again! We can now say officially that we’ve had ‘ISO’ for 20 years.

ISO 9001:2015

This is really great news. Achieving 20 years of continual certification is very much a team effort and we all feel very proud of our continual commitment to the quality of the John Horsfall product.


What we at John Horsfall call ‘ISO’ is actually ISO 9001:2015, a set of standards defining a Quality Management System developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) in Geneva.

It is a powerful business tool used by companies of all sizes around the globe.

Being ‘ISO’ certified means customers can be sure that John Horsfall are constantly looking the best way we can;

1. Improve and streamline operations and reduce costs
2. Be competitive in tenders and win more business.
3. Be more resilient and build a sustainable business with strong corporate governance.
4. Work effectively with all interested parties /stakeholders
5. Satisfy more customers!

Having introduced ISO 9001 20 years ago, the system continues to evolve today.

We use the structure defined by the standard and tailor it to the way we work and it has obviously sunk in to our subconscious well. When we rebranded in 2019 the values we adopted reflect the same spirit.

Constantly upping our game, collaborating, innovating, and always thinking of ways we can enhance the experience; continually improving the quality and performance of the whole John Horsfall product. This spans design and sales, order processing, logistics and customer service – and everything in between.

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